Antique brick has what characteristics

Update:22 Nov 2017

 In recent years, people's thoughts and aesthetic conce […]

 In recent years, people's thoughts and aesthetic concepts are gradually becoming more and more mature. In the decorative building materials. People began to miss the materials and styles of ancient architecture, but also craved a material that is natural, environmental-friendly and full of national culture. Antique tiles Scope: Chinese architecture, antique buildings, hotels, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, gardens, residential and other retro-style buildings.
Antique tile features:
1, Antique brick varieties, more color, complete specifications, 900 * 450 and 800 * 800, more is 600 * 600, but also for areas such as kitchen and toilet use the small size of the brick, can be said to be polished tiles And porcelain fit. Antique tiles in the dermatoglyphic, rock, wood grain and so on series, looks very similar in kind, can be described as a real thing, many of them are through brick, not just in the glaze to make a fuss.
2, From a practical point of view, public places, large flow of people, the use of high frequency, polished 2-3 years almost dim ugly, antique tiles and just when the shop is still the same.
3, And then from a practical point of view, the antique tile pavement has always been personalized, according to color design, you can do personalized. Antique tiles used abroad is far greater than the polished tiles is evidence. Polished tiles are almost impossible to do.
4, Polished surface is smooth, almost can not solve the problem of non-slip, antique brick just to solve this problem. So at present public places, antique brick practical and gradually improve, taking into account the family slipping of the elderly and children are gradually improving the use of.
5, Polished tiles in the country is considered the largest source of light pollution, and antique tile is almost matt, there is no such problem. This is similar to the contrast between clear glass and matte bulbs.
6, Anti-fouling problems, we are still examples of public places, for example, even the best polished brick, 2-3 years, the surface has been serious yellow wax sewage, almost 5 years or so, you must re-decoration and paving. Antique brick almost no such problems appear.
7, From the water rate, antique tiles have been porcelain glazed tiles, porcelain bottom itself and polished brick there is no difference, the difference is only the whiteness and can be thrown on the formula, so the body water absorption rate can reach 0.1% About, and polished tiles is no different, but the two bricks on the surface is completely different, antique tile surface will never absorb water.