Color steel tile and color stone metal tile difference?

Update:04 Jan 2018

From the stone tile itself, it is the basic material of […]

From the stone tile itself, it is the basic material of galvanized steel, the surface covered with a sand, so its density is high, the waterproof effect is very good, to do the roof is the most appropriate. It is now widely used in wood structure housing, light steel room, flat slope, villa and other projects.
The color steel tile is a type of pressure type plate which is cold-rolled and rolled cold-formed by color coated steel plate, which is mostly used in the workshop. Many customers are difficult to distinguish between these two tiles, so now let the stone tile manufacturers to tell you these two kinds of roof tile what is the difference, so that we do reference:
The difference between the metal tile and stone tile:
1. Color steel tiles:
1. The quality of color steel is hard and angular. It is easy to hurt, soft and poor.
2, Auxiliary more besides have the nails also need special tools.
3, The color is less, most of them are red, white, blue three colors.
4. No sound insulation, noise will be great when it rains.
Two, color stone metal tile:
1, Color metal tile surface area is relatively large, so it can bear the weight of unit area is very light, in time will significantly improve the tile tile efficiency, it is a significant advantage.
2, At the same time to replace the original stone tile clay tile, cement tile, color steel, fiberglass asphalt shingles, slates, etc., while the construction of unnecessary the original roof removed, you can direct the construction.
3, Because the surface area of the metal tile, stone weight, bending, cutting, through the use of unique buckle design and construction and the level of fixed, fixed firmly connected with each other.
Related knowledge:
When it comes to colorful metal tiles, it is a new tile, compared with the traditional stone tiles, metal tile is simple and elegant, personality and rich flavor, is a shop on the roof above the building materials. It is produced by means of high technology, the introduction of international advanced production lines, with excellent anticorrosion performance of galvanized steel substrate, with strong weatherability of acrylic resin as binder, with color natural color stone for advanced roofing material surface layer. Because of its beauty, lightness, durability and environmental protection, it has become the main product of international roofing materials in recent years, and it has also been used in some high grade buildings in China. Now the market there are stone coated metal roofing tile, tile, tile Rome arc type W tile, wood tile, tile, tile Milan square and many other categories, can choose according to the different needs of the market.