Color tile classification

Update:26 Dec 2017

According to the laying parts of the tile, the concrete […]

According to the laying parts of the tile, the concrete roofing tiles and the concrete accessories tiles (the varieties of the spare parts and the sintered tiles are the same).
According to color: suwat and tile, tile and surface coloring and coloring of the body.
According to the lapping mode: tile roof tile rib groove (chimeric shingle lap of the front and back side of the lap with inlaid edge ribs and grooves; there can be, there will be no top) and no rib groove roof tiles (tile surface is flat, horizontal or longitudinal arch roof tile with regular or irregular edge).
Selection of key points
The main technical indexes should be taken into consideration when selecting concrete tiles: bearing capacity, water absorption, frost resistance and permeability.
In cold areas, the products with low water absorption should be selected.
Drainage slope sintered tile roof, roof, roof should be based on the form of basic categories, waterproof structure form, material properties and local climate conditions and other factors, and the technical and economic comparison, should generally be greater than or equal to 30%.
According to the slope of the roof, the height of the building and the size of the wind load, the corresponding tightening requirements for the tiles should be taken.
When the roof is used with the insulation material with the function of hanging and tile, there should be waterproof cushion under the insulation layer.