Compare the performance of antique tiles and vitrified tiles

Update:07 Nov 2017

     Antique brick: Now the general sense of antique br […]

     Antique brick: Now the general sense of antique brick refers to the glazed tile, that is, from the embryo body and glazed two parts, the surface of the ceramic tile body glazing, after firing at high temperature and pressure. Mainly matte antique brick-based. Antique brick in this article refers to the glazed antique brick.
     Vitrified tiles: After mechanical grinding, polishing, mirror-like surface of the ceramic tiles, now commonly known as the vitrified tiles is a kind of polished tiles, it is all-ceramic polished tiles, "vitrification" means that through the tiles According to the surface of the polishing can be divided into two kinds of polishing and matte, the most common polishing based.
     Antique brick and tile performance comparison:
     The main advantage of vitrified tiles is the hardness, wear resistance, high flexural strength, lower water absorption.
     Another outstanding advantage of vitrified tiles is that vitrified tiles have very good reprocessing properties. Such as slotted, back and down 45 degrees angle, the side of the arc.