Distinguishing skills of floor authenticity

Update:16 Oct 2017

   If consumers can not identify the floor is true, the […]

   If consumers can not identify the floor is true, then there will be a high price to buy an inferior floor, so that consumers will be ready to work on the floor before the purchase, this can not be deceived.
   1. be careful of the quality of the swatches
   If the general is solid, so the pattern will be more natural, but some shoddy manufacturers, with the core material and sapwood some logs to produce wood, the floor is very easy arching, and easy cracking and deformation etc.. So  you can use sandpaper or sawed floor after rub the face whether there will be a very serious error.
   2. be careful of shoddy veneer
   The panel refers to the solid wood base material affixed to a certain thickness of the wood veneer, and shoddy when the pure solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers, and lead to inferior base quality is very unstable, and only with adhesive to wood skin and inferior wood pressed together, so it is easy to cause the veneer from there, and the formaldehyde. Such a target identification method is to compare with the solid wood floor, solid wood flooring surface and bottom surface pattern is basically consistent. And the panels are completely different.
   3. be careful of the switch board is not environmental protection
   The adapter plate is to use some line of tailing, different length of wood floor board by stitching, and thereby when the pure solid wood flooring sales and deceive consumers. The formaldehyde content of this kind of floor is very high, and it is easy to deform and crack. And this kind of wood identification method is longitudinal sawing or grinding, you can see the finger pointing traces.
   4. the texture of the transfer board is unnatural
  Board transfer refers to the use of a bug, crack plate defects such as the production, the quality of the floor is not good, wood is not natural, and paint coating process, so it is easy to lead paint from. The identification method of the timber through the wood to discern, wood floor, wood is very natural, and the wood surface of the transfer board are the same, but there is no color, back and face grain exactly the same.
   5. printing floor to see color difference
   The printed floor is now used by more people. The floor color and texture of each floor are very close, and there is no color difference. After the patch, the overall effect is very good.
   The floor is a team production process requirements are very high, but there are certain technical content, some enterprises technical reach, whether the process or technology of wood paint are very general, leading to the floor paving after a period of time will appear all sorts of problems, so that consumers must pay attention to a variety of pit floor.