The Advantages of color tile

Update:04 Aug 2016

Roofing tile is now widely used in a variety of buildin […]

Roofing tile is now widely used in a variety of buildings, its advantages relative to the traditional cement tile is more obvious. Xiangtai color tile summed up several advantages of cement color tile:
1. Unique waterproof structure
Only the tiles can do the bottom of the tile structure, is the rain out of the flow more smoothly and more quickly, to avoid the rolling of ordinary cement tile rain upstream phenomenon. In addition to the molding of the tile only the head of the part of the retaining effect, that is used in the horizontal roof will not appear rainwater countercurrent phenomenon.
2. High strength and service life
The quality of the tile is smooth and smooth, and the density is uniform and uniform. More than 200 kg of anti-demolition strength enough to allow the construction staff in the already laying on the roof to walk freely. Boutique Yu Cheng cement tile tile this tile by 250 tons of machine pressure a synthesis.
3. Convenient construction
Whether it is vertical or horizontal construction is convenient and feasible. In the general slope of the roof, you can not use hanging tile, but also can easily use the cutting machine at any angle to wet the tile cutting.
4. Super strong wind resistance
Molded color tile with upper and lower left and right hitting ramps and slopes, so that the roof to form a tight overall.
5. Good thermal insulation performance
The joint test by the Japan Solar Energy Research Center showed that the average daily temperature on the roof surface was 71.4 degrees Fahrenheit (21.89 degrees Celsius), which significantly reduced the air conditioning load and heat in the hottest three months Performance is better than other tile.
6. Anti-freeze-thawing
The freeze-thaw cycle tests show that the anti-freeze-thawing performance of the color tile can reach the Japanese JIS standard, which is far superior to other tile types.
7. Anti-permeability
As the color tile with large tonnage press molding, compact height, low water absorption, its anti-permeability performance is much higher than other tile species, in the long-term rain and snow areas, will not appear seepage phenomenon.