First, what kind of tiles

Update:25 May 2018

First, what kind of tiles Due to the different classifi […]

First, what kind of tiles

Due to the different classification criteria, different categories have been formed. The following materials and production processes can be divided into:

Glazed tile: This ceramic tile is composed of a tile bottom embryo and a layer of glazed surface, that is, ceramic glaze is glazing after high temperature and high pressure firing. The glazed surface of ceramic tile is mainly used to increase the appearance of ceramics. Glazed tiles are divided into floor tiles and wall tiles depending on where they are used. According to its degree of smoothness, it is divided into matt glazed tiles and bright glazed tiles. At present, there are many matt glazed tiles for floor materials. The

Vitrified tiles: (or polished tiles) are produced by the use of earth embryos (or earth embryos with some ore powders) fired at high temperatures and pressures in one shot. The surface and bottom embryos are essentially the same as the raw materials used (specified glass processing Except for bricks, such as new glazes in vitrified tiles). Vitrified tiles belong to all-ceramic ceramic products. Its abrasion resistance and flexural strength are very high, and the water absorption rate is lower (the water absorption rate of vitrified tiles is less than 1 ‰). Vitrified bricks are mainly used for floor materials. In the past, vitrified tiles were used as wall materials mainly for high-end hotels and offices, but now, with the improvement of living standards and consumer spending, the use of vitrified tiles as a kitchen There are more and more families of wall materials.

Mosaic: It is mainly divided into glass mosaic (glass for raw materials) and ceramic mosaic.

Mainly used for decorating walls.

The Second, what are the commonly used family tiles? The

Tiles are currently the most commonly used home in three categories: glazed tiles, polished tiles and balcony tiles (or external wall tiles)

A, glazed tile: It is composed of two parts of the porcelain bottom embryo and the surface glaze layer, according to the reflection situation can be divided into two types of light and matte. The


1, mainly in the rich texture and color changes, personalized choice. The

2, superior anti-fouling performance. Glazed is a very dense material, dirt can not enter the inside. Use place: It is mainly used for wall surfaces of kitchens and bathrooms, and glazed rustic tiles are also used on the ground. The

B, polished tiles: After mechanical grinding, polishing, the surface is a glossy mirror ceramic tile, now commonly known as a type of polished tiles is a polished tile, it is all-ceramic polished tiles, vitrified meaning is burned through the tiles! The

1, low water absorption,
2, good wear resistance;
3, high bending strength, hardness;
4, has a good re-processing performance, can be arbitrary cutting, grinding, chamfering and so on. The
Place of use: The scope of application is wide, and it can be used in places such as family wall grounds, hotels, and office space buildings.

C, balcony brick is commonly known as the balcony wall tile, now more suitable for home use 200 * 60 or 100 * 200 specifications of the brick as much. According to the material can be divided into two kinds of whole body and glazed.