Flat slope stone tile construction site

Update:27 Dec 2017

Flat slope stone tile installation need to do the follo […]

Flat slope stone tile installation need to do the following five items of preparation:
1, The first serious reading stone tile construction details design, grasp the design requirements of layout and joint construction and construction organization.
2, Color stone tile construction workers to learn the content, and by the technical staff to explain the requirements and provisions of construction workers.
3, Preparation of stone tile construction and operation regulations, issued the completion date and safety operation regulations.
4, To issue the stone tile construction details.
Whether meet the envelope installation conditions to install 5, check before the construction of stone tile structure.
These  need attention before installing the stone tile, a lot of products with colleagues in some specialized services installation process, but many still need to do to advance the solution personally, so the flat stone tile installation installation matters needed to pay attention to the slope, give yourself a safety guarantee, give yourself a a smooth stone tile installation process. Of course there are a lot of metal stone tile construction techniques is that we need to pay attention to, so that we can successfully complete their safe installation of roof flat slope of the.