Home renovation buy a tile

Update:04 May 2018

Home renovation buy a tile, need to consider quality is […]

Home renovation buy a tile, need to consider quality is basic common sense. However, many homeowners are eager to buy tiles during the process, and they are reluctant to buy tiles of reasonable quality at reasonable prices. Many customers often buy a lot of unqualified ceramic tiles due to their low cost, which seriously affects the subsequent decoration!

At this time, our Purchasing Guide friend will be very frank to explain to the customer why the tile is not cheap, and the fact that the tile has a very low cost of corruption. It is not enough to forward this WeChat to our customers and owners!

First, why is a good tile more expensive?
Good tile production process, high cost
Tiles need dozens of natural materials, through dozens of equipment, after dozens of demanding processes. Good tile cost is higher, so it is more expensive!

Good tile inspection standards are strict and eliminated
Tiles are baked out and need to be inspected to remove the problem of glazed tiles, brick deformation, and failure to absorb the tiles. Well-selected ceramic tiles are stricter than national standards and need to eliminate unqualified products. Good tile cost is higher, so it is more expensive!

Good tiles are not only products but also services
To select tiles, you need to consider the style of home decoration, color matching, hard and soft outfits, paving programs and more. In order to make you satisfied, you may also want to paint the tile maps and renderings of the tiles, which all require services. The premise of service is profit, each company must survive, profits can be reduced properly but can not disappear, you take all the profits to protect the survival, the quality of the product, after-sales service who depends on protection?

Good tiles also need to operate
Regular tile shop, why tile is not cheap? Does it need labor costs? Does it require the management costs of the company's daily operations? Does it need rent? Do you need warehouses and logistics? Do you need a designer to help you measure your room? Do you need a master to help you deliver?