How to choose a tile?

Update:08 Sep 2018

1, look The glazed ceramic tile of good quality is smoo […]

1, look
The glazed ceramic tile of good quality is smooth and delicate, the gloss glaze is crystal clear and translucent, and the matt glaze is soft and comfortable. First of all, we can observe the bricks vertically under the illumination of sufficient natural light or fluorescent lamps. The good bricks generally do not see obvious glazed defects. In addition, the pattern of the brick pattern should be delicate and realistic, without obvious defects such as lack of color, broken line and misalignment. Secondly, the quality of the ceramic products on the back is clear, complete, and rarely glazed or defective.

2, fight
A good quality tile has a small deviation in size. First of all, we can generally pull out 4 to 5 pieces from a box and put them together, and then look at the level of flatness. If it is found to be obviously uneven, it means that the tiles are not formed by the stamping process. Secondly, we can tighten the sides of the two bricks. Close together, see if there are any gaps, good quality bricks, generally no obvious gap; look at the color difference of the product, put a few bricks together, carefully observe under sufficient light, products with different shades between products, The overall effect is poor after paving.

3, weigh in the hand
The weight of the product and the ceramic tile of the same specification have a low water absorption rate and a good internal quality.

4, knock, listen
Gently tap the tile to listen to the sound, and the better quality product sounds crisp and sweet. Poor quality products due to improper formulation of raw materials, short firing cycle, low firing temperature, and the sound of "empty" when struck.

5, drop
Drip test. Water droplets can be placed on the back of the tile to see how fast the water invades. The slower the water absorption, the higher the density of the brick and the better the quality; otherwise the density is sparse.

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