How to choose the heart wood floor?

Update:24 Oct 2017

Some people buy the floor like to buy big buy thick, in […]

Some people buy the floor like to buy big buy thick, in fact, choose solid wood flooring, should not be too long too wide. In addition, the processing size, the number of purchases, etc. should pay special attention.
Vary according to economic conditions, area, height and length of residence to choose.
Processing size to be accurate: wood floor processing error is less than plus or minus 0.5mm.
Plate to smooth the smooth no obvious knife marks: tenon mouth groove-shaped mosaic should be appropriate, smooth and comfortable.
Wood defects should be limited: genuine straight lines and to be parallel, no section marks, insects, decay, blunt edges and other defects.
Wood strength to local conditions: the choice of floor strength, depending on the use of different parts.
Wood must be dried: wood floor moisture content is generally required to control the following 15%.
Should not be too long too wide: too wide and too long floor, dry shrinkage and expansion of large, prone to warping deformation and cracking.
The number of purchases should be a slight surplus: the general 20 square meters of room to be added 1 square meters, in order to consume spare.