The Factors Affecting the Quality of Tiles

Update:04 Aug 2016

The roofing  tile production, the following aspects wil […]

The roofing  tile production, the following aspects will affect its quality
1, cement tile production process is different, its product quality is different, under normal circumstances the rolling process of cement tile can be made through the body color, in color retention has an advantage, and the strength of the cement tile worse than some.
2, the production of cement tile raw materials directly affect the quality of cement tile, cement tile to use more than 425 standard cement, with high quality sand than sand better.
3, the material ratio of the appearance of the tile, the proportion of water gray sand is not appropriate, tile body prone to bubbles, cracks, and even affect the strength of tile.
4, advanced production equipment, but also to ensure the quality of cement tile one of the main factors.
5, the timely maintenance of equipment mold. If the mold is not properly maintained on a regular basis, the production of cement tile there will be deformation, cracks and other issues.
6, the color processing technology, recommended the use of traditional manual spray, so that the best to ensure that the color tile coating to meet the demand. Spraying too little, seriously affecting the color retention capacity of cement tile, and the appearance of visual beauty.
7, adequate conservation, is to ensure that the strength of cement tile one of the main factors. At least conventional outdoor conservation for more than 15 days, such as no need to expedite the supply, the general conservation of more than 30 days is better.