Introduction to tiles

Update:11 Oct 2017

    Is the ceramic tile with clay, quartz sand as raw m […]

    Is the ceramic tile with clay, quartz sand as raw material, after grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering process is mixed, it is a general term for acid and alkali such as ceramic or stone construction or decoration materials. The wear resistance of the ceramic tile, the gloss is very good, the color and the penetration type more, because the interior design is now more inclined to plain design, so plain tile has become a fashion, is widely used in various types of ground decoration projects, rather than for the wall.
   Tile weight light, with good flexibility, very good acid, alkali, freeze-thaw resistance, seismic and anti cracking performance, but also with the exterior wall insulation system compatible, can play a very good role in thermal resistance. Flat tile is very good, the surface will not bend, not rake angle, construction layout easy, after the construction of the land is very flat, high flexural strength, anti stress, not easy to wear, long with a new bridge, very suitable for use in public places.
   Tile hard texture, easily broken in the construction, after the construction of ceramic tile overall appearance is very beautiful, it is the overall feeling a sense of color, texture or paving effect, will make the coordination of ground and walls, giving an overall aesthetic feeling. In the rapid development of real estate today, a wide range of ceramic tile by the vast number of consumers.