It is necessary for us to know about ceramic tiles

Update:21 Sep 2018

The concrete seal curing agent polishing concrete produ […]

The concrete seal curing agent polishing concrete products, such as gold-stone grinding stone, silicon-grinding stone, polished concrete floor, Suporo wall series, Suppner curtain wall series, etc. Naluite negative ion cement mortar, armor concrete sealing curing agent and silk concrete sealing curing agent, made of pure cement, can be made into S streamline shape, which makes people comfortable and relaxed, and changes the block lattice which is inexplicably suppressed.

Structure, with no (no TVOC, seamless), anti-(pressure, impermeability), anti-dust (anti-slip, anti-slip), resistant (corrosion-resistant, anti-friction, scratch-resistant), suitable for home decoration decoration. These products are seamless, field-cast, seamlessly high-end atmosphere, and can also emit negative oxygen ions.

Construction is extremely simple:

1, base treatment

2, special cement mortar paving

3, grinding and curing

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