Laying of metal tiles

Update:10 Jan 2018

Metal tile in the installation, you should first check […]

Metal tile in the installation, you should first check the roof to ensure the roof flat. At least five nails should be attached to each main watt nail when fixing the nails; if there is not less than 3 unilateral nails when fixing the chord nails, no less than 5 unilateral nails nail. Metal tile fixed, the metal should be used for special nails, the use of metal tiles dedicated gun fixed. In addition, when the roof is a steel truss truss and the metal square pipe is used as a batten, high-strength galvanized self-tapping screws are required to be fastened. After the nail is finished, the nail eye needs to be repaired with a repair kit.
When each main tile is overlapped, it should be determined from left to right or from right to left and from right to top according to the concrete roof structure, and the wrong seam lap is laid. The principle is: to reduce losses, provide efficiency while ensuring the appearance of the roof construction and smooth.
After laying the metal tile, the roof should be cleaned and inspected to ensure that the metal tile is firmly fixed, the seal is tight and complete, and the surface is smooth without damage.
Gutter laying
(1) Side of the main tile at the gutter folded width of not less than 50 mm.
(2) When waterproofing membrane is adopted for concrete roof gutter, the waterproof membrane shall be turned upside down at the bottom of the ditch and covered with water along the lower edge of both ends. The vertical height should not be less than 150㎜.
(3) Waterproofing cushion additional layer should be added on both sides of the gutter area, the width should not be less than 1000mm.
(5) gutter panels selected gilded metal grate plate.
(6) For special nodes, we will use a custom dedicated gutter board.
Roof laying
(1) The ports on both sides of the ridge tile should be plugged, requiring strict, smooth and beautiful appearance.
(2) The width of the main tile on the side of the ridge tile is not less than 50㎜.
(3) The ridge tiles should be overlapped tightly and evenly spaced. The ridge tiles and oblique ridge joints should be closely and straightly smooth without ups and downs and leaks. Seams of ridge and ridges should be densely sealed.
(4) Roof ridge roof tile selection of metal roof tile accessories.