Main tile installation

Update:21 Nov 2017

1, In order to ensure that the tundish is completely co […]

1, In order to ensure that the tundish is completely covered after the tile is laid, the vertical battles should be bounced before the tile is installed and fixed. Approach: in the layers of the left and right sides of the eave reserved 60mm at the cornice take line into a right-angle shells, and then from the eaves and ridge respectively line prewash tile adjustment is completed, every two tiles edge alignment Emanate the longitudinal straight line, or according to the width of two tiles size projections (two tile width can be adjusted from 597-599mm modulus) to determine the elastic longitudinal line. Tiling tile alignment, so that the roof tile to reach the level, vertical, diagonal three-dimensional standard .

2,The process of pre-tile, that is, make full use of the side ribs 3mm adjustment position, for large roof can be adjusted into a whole piece. Narrow roof tiles can be adjusted to the arch cutting. According to the different cornices decided, here refers to the double slope (herringbone) roof. Laying the main tile can be a straight line can also be staggered arrangement. Such as open-structure roof truss must be at the same time on the two paved tile, single-slope on the roof is strictly prohibited.

3, The official tiling, the bottom right corner of the eave began from right to left, from bottom to top. The main tile fixing method should be according to the actual climate and typhoon situation and roof gradient using different methods of fixing In the coastal areas or windshield is extremely small, the slope of 35 degrees above the roof or wall, you must use the nail fixed.

4, The width of drainage ditch should be based on the size of catchment catchment area and regional rainfall decision. Determine the width of the drainage groove on the line after the bomb, electric circular saw cutting tile. Drainage site tile cutting paving together, with 1: 2 mortar will be the bottom of the tile all the gaps seal seal smooth calendering. Grating or galvanized steel gutters can be used to find the gutter seal actually tighten. The cut corner can be drilled to fix it.