Manufacture of cement tile

Update:05 Dec 2017

The right mix of raw materials to ensure the consistenc […]

The right mix of raw materials to ensure the consistency of the material. Then squeezed by a high-pressure molded abrasive to cut each tile with nails empty. As a result, each cement tile has the effect of insulating and damp-proofing after leaving the abrasive. The cement tile needs to be left for a few days at the factory to allow the cement to be cured. Every aspect of production needs to be carried out under the supervision of advanced machinery and professionals.
Cement tile roof suitable minimum slope:
The minimum slope is 3:12 (17 °). That is to say, steep roofs, which must be larger than 17 °, must also be fitted with a row of sealed drainage tiles underneath the concrete roof tiles in that roofing condition, whereas the decorative tiles are more decorative.