Metal tile seven major characteristics

Update:17 Jan 2018

 Color stone metal tile, a new type of advanced roofing […]

 Color stone metal tile, a new type of advanced roofing materials, which is through the use of high-tech, will have excellent corrosion resistance of the galvanized steel plate as a substrate, a very strong weatherability of acrylic resin binder, together with the color of natural gravel as Surface, the three combined with each other to create a beautiful, lightweight, environmentally friendly, durable new roofing materials. In order to let everyone know more about color stone tile, the following describes the seven characteristics of color stone tile!
Color stone metal tile features
Color stone tiles are relatively light weight, can effectively reduce the load bearing capacity of the building, reduce damage. Gold 800 +, pay attention to zero whole, for emergency use;
Construction convenience.
Because the color of the stone itself is relatively light weight metal, and the area is large, accessories are simple, so installation can greatly reduce the intensity of construction, shorten the time.
Earthquake resistance.
In the face of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, colored stone tile will not fall like some tile collapse, can effectively reduce the wounded.
If you want to decorate the old roof stone color metal tile, you can direct construction, without the need to withdraw any roofing materials, waste disposal costs to minimize.

Long lasting.
The base material of the color stone tile is galvanized steel sheet, and the multilayer protective film is also made in the manufacturing process so that it can resist attacks caused by bad weather and natural disasters. In the face of such as cold, hail, storm, rain, snow, heat, earthquakes, etc., will not crack, aging, case of fire burning, wind lift and other issues, to ensure that the service life.
Easy to bend cut.
Because the color stone tile is flexible and easy to cut, it can be used for the wooden roof truss, steel truss, steel truss and concrete roof. For a variety of buildings, for the slope of (12-90 degrees) the roof can be safely construction, especially for "flat slope and roof renovation" project.
Other patience.
In addition to the above more prominent features, the color stone tile also has good heat resistance, weather resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, and non-flammable and so on. Curved cutting.