Metal tiles make up for the shortcomings of traditional tiles

Update:23 Jan 2018

To evaluate the quality of metal tile first determines […]

To evaluate the quality of metal tile first determines the color section is uniform, the surface is easy to fall off, the ductility will affect processing, then consider the price of things, according to the area to select manufacturers mainly taking into account the freight and related tax issues, there is a period of work.
Advantages of metal tile products
1 beautiful appearance
Color is rich, it is not easy to fade, the shape is beautiful and the three-dimensional sense is strong. After laying, it can make the building roof have a smooth curve feeling, a bump and orderly sense of hierarchy and a heavy sense of natural stone. It improves the decorative effect of the roof, and realizes the harmony between the roof and the wall, the building and the environment.
2 color diversity
There are more than ten kinds of colors to choose, which can fully realize the harmony between the roof and the wall, the building and the environment.
3 super long life
The aluminium zinc plate, water-soluble acrylic resin, natural stone and other high-quality materials and special technology, with strong water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life.
4 secure and safe
The unique waterproof and windproof design is applied to the nail mounting technology, and the match between tile and tile is more compact. The connection between tile and roof is more rigid, so that the roof system has strong ability to resist heavy rain, heavy snow and strong wind.
5 simple construction
The thickness and weight are only about 1/6 of ordinary cement and clay tiles. They are very light and easy to cut and bend, and have more supporting fittings. The installation is simpler, faster and easier. It can also be conveniently constructed on high-rise buildings and large sloping buildings.
6 economic calculation
Stone surface metal tile area light weight and easy handling, low temperature operation by dry season and also to the construction, and the auxiliary material consumption is minimized, save transportation cost, reduce material consumption, improve construction efficiency, reduce project cost.
7 green environmental protection
All the use of green raw materials, to avoid the pollution of the body and the environment, 100% recyclable and reuse, is a real environmental product.