Resin tile features

Update:09 Jan 2018

The introduction of advanced production equipment and t […]

The introduction of advanced production equipment and technology in Europe, the selection of internationally renowned multinational companies to produce ultra-high weathering resin refined. Such products in the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other developed countries have decades of history, is widely used in various types of permanent building roof, with excellent decorative effect and excellent waterproof performance.
Based on the summary of the experience of similar foreign products, it has made innovations. Its most prominent feature is rich color and long-lasting, beautiful styling, strong stereoscopic effect and in line with the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture. At the same time it also has the advantages of light weight, waterproof, tough, thermal insulation, noise, corrosion resistance, wind and earthquake, hail resistance, pollution, green, fire, insulation, easy installation, the technical level of the leading domestic Ministry of Science and Technology Achievements Conclusion), is all kinds of permanent building roofing and waterproofing ideal material, especially for our current vigorously promote the "slope" project and the new rural reconstruction project, villa wooden house anti-corrosion light roof.

(1) Lasting color:
Resin tile selection of the world's leading multinational companies produce ultra-high weathering engineering resin as a tile surface material, this highly weather-resistant resin is ideal for outdoor use, with exceptional durability in the natural environment, it even if long-term exposure to ultraviolet , Moisture, heat, cold and impact, still maintain its color stability. Based on the outdoor use of sunlit areas such as Arizona and Florida, it is proven that the ten year value is less than 5, guaranteeing that you have the freedom to choose and design any gorgeous color for your roof as you wish.

(2) Sound insulation is good:
Resin tile in soundproofing, through the phoneme test shows that in the event of heavy rain and other external noise, the noise can be well absorbed or reduce the noise through.

(3) Excellent corrosion resistance:
The synthetic resin of the resin tile main body and the super high weatherability engineering resin will not be eroded by the rain and snow and cause the performance degradation. At the same time, it can resist the corrosion of various chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time, so it is corrosive with salt spray Coastal areas and air pollution in the most ideal roofing materials. A variety of microorganisms can not survive the decorative tile surface, to prevent erosion caused by microorganisms damage.

(4) Tough texture, high strength:
Another basic feature of the resin tile roof is to have the ability to withstand accidental impact and natural external force can not be damaged. Because of the high impact resistance of the high weatherable resin on the surface of the resin tile, 1 kg of ball drop impact test free fall of 3 meters of steel ball does not produce cracks, mechanical impact resistance performance is also significant at low temperatures.

(5) Volume stability:
Resin tile with low expansion coefficient and biaxial tensile properties, even if the temperature changes, but also to ensure that the tile geometry unchanged.

(6) Anti-accidental load:
Resin tile has good resistance to accidental load characteristics and pressure characteristics. In areas with low temperatures and frequent snowfalls, even if there is often snow on the roof, there is no wear, damage or breakage of the tile surface. In the case of support interval 660mm, increase 150kg, tile no cracks, is not destroyed.

(7) Thermal insulation:
Resin thermal conductivity of resin chosen by the resin is much lower than the clay tile, cement tile, color steel tile thermal conductivity. Therefore, without considering the case of adding insulation, decorative tile insulation best thermal insulation properties.

(8) Insulation:
Another technical feature of the resin tile is non-conductive, accidental discharge will be intact.

(9) Fire resistance:
The main resin resin tile is a non-flammable products, fire inspection department by the State Department of fire to achieve B1-level performance.

(10) Excellent self-waterproof performance:
The high weatherability resin chosen for the resin tile is dense and non-absorbent, and there is no problem of microporous water seepage. Decorative tile single leaf area, few roof joints, and lap joint tight, so has excellent self-waterproof performance, as long as the installation in accordance with the requirements of serious and proper construction, can save the waterproof layer, thereby reducing the cost of the building.

(11) Light weight
The weight of the resin tile per square meter (6.0 ± 0.1) kg, is a light body material, light weight to reduce the load on the building to improve safety. Especially in the old building renovation project has more obvious advantages, while facilitating handling and construction, saving transportation costs, reduce construction costs.