Roof cement tile to be beautiful, pay attention to the following few

Update:31 Oct 2017

1. Soft tone uniform, cement tile is not dazzling and b […]

1. Soft tone uniform, cement tile is not dazzling and beautiful, the best matte type. Small furnace tile due to poor material, the color is not pay attention to, often the color of hair ugly.
There is no color difference between tile and tile. After the room, each piece of tile color uniform, no depth of the points, no more spots.
3. Color durable, "wind", sun, rain does not fade. Some small factories due to poor equipment, technology, but off, can not be evenly coated with cement paste, and paint spray color. This kind of tile in a very short period of time the patent leather is off, exposed at the end, the color tile will not cement tile color, and speckled very ugly.
4. Tile-shaped slope soft, giving a sense of beauty. Dachang cement tile shape are designed by the experts from the art point of view, shop on the roof will give people a sense of intimacy. Small factory tile without this design, tile shop after the room gives the mechanical stiff feeling, looked very uncomfortable.
5. Accurate size, lap tight cement tile, pavement error is small. Good color cement tile, paved after the vertical and horizontal oblique all straight line, like printing as neat, very beautiful. Large size error or warping, often can not be paved. Watt mold as made of metal, the fundamental production can not measure the size of the tile. With this tile who can not be paved. Such as tile width of only 2mm error, 100 tile row up, will be 20cm, than half of the tile are wide, corrugated naturally oblique, and can not be paved. Such as tile warping, shop after the gap is large, it will not be beautiful.
6. Good frost resistance. Cement tile in the north, the winter temperature dropped to minus 10 ℃ is a common thing. If the tile density is not good lead to high water absorption, snow during the day, at night will be frozen layering layer, so that it slowly peel off, and thus damage the tile. Small factory tile due to no high pressure rolling squeeze, density are not good, tile life and therefore not long.