Roof release and construction

Update:13 Dec 2017

1, Cast-in-situ roof should be leveling. Open steel, wo […]

1, Cast-in-situ roof should be leveling. Open steel, wooden truss purlin, rafters, structural integrity. After the laying of wood or mat should be full, according to the following steps to pay off: 30mm away from the roof at a parallel bomb parallel to the roof to determine the location of the top layer of tile, from the eaves at a distance of 65mm parallel to the eaves of a parallel line , And then from the eaves 350mm position play a parallel line, this line is the alignment of the first edge of the upper edge of the tile (that is, the location of the first floor tile eaves) to ensure that the eaves tile picks at least 50mm.

2, The spacing of the battens can not be greater than 345mm, in order to ensure that the overlap of the upper and lower layers is not less than 75mm, so that the upper layer of the watertight roof will be covered by the nail holes of the lower row of tiles. When the roof slope is less than 22.5 degrees, the spacing between the battens can not be greater than 320mm to ensure good roof leakproofness.

3, Due to the error of cast-in-situ roof to ensure uniform spacing of the tiles. Measure the distance between the two lines from the top and bottom of the two eaves, and set it as: A, A ', the spacing of the battens is calculated as follows: A / 345 = D (420-75 = 345) Integer, in order to ensure the upper and lower overlap, that is, take an integer C greater than D, and then A / C = B (B is the tile equally spaced, usually less than 345mm). A 'is calculated in the same way. Since the first batten from each equally divided on both sides of the bomb line.