Several factors affecting the quality of cement tile

Update:14 Nov 2017

Cement tile production, the following aspects will affe […]

Cement tile production, the following aspects will affect its quality
1, the production process of cement tile is different, the quality of their products are also different, under normal circumstances can be made of bulk cement rolling color, color retention has advantages, but the intensity of the worse than the molded cement tile.
2, the production of cement tile raw materials directly affect the quality of cement tile, cement tile to choose more than 425 marked cement, sand better than sand with high quality better.
3, the impact of material ratio tile appearance, the proportion of water gray sand inappropriate, tile body prone to bubbles, cracks, and even affect tile strength.
4, advanced production equipment, but also to ensure the quality of cement tile one of the main factors.
5, timely maintenance of equipment molds. If the mold is not properly scheduled maintenance, the production of cement tiles will be deformed, cracks and other issues.
6, color processing technology, it is recommended to use the traditional manual spraying, so that the best guarantee of color tile coating spray volume to meet the demand. Spray volume is too small, seriously affecting the color of cement tile to maintain ability, and the appearance of visual beauty.
7, adequate maintenance, cement tile is to ensure that the strength of one of the main factors. At least routine outdoor maintenance of more than 15 days, such as without urgent delivery, the general conservation of more than 30 days is better.