Synthetic resin tile proper installation need to follow what matters

Update:25 Oct 2017

1 .(60 * 40 * 3mm) or C steel (100 * 50 * 20 * 3mm) or […]

1 .(60 * 40 * 3mm) or C steel (100 * 50 * 20 * 3mm) or wood (60 * 40mm), need to do anti-corrosion treatment. this point is very important.
2. In the installation of the resin tile, we have to be based on the positive tile type to determine the purlin spacing (bamboo tile spacing of 660mm - 750mm, large arc tiles spacing of 750mm - 880mm), from the bottom up , Can be strictly in accordance with the relevant process to install.
3. When the main tile is installed in accordance with the local wind direction reverse installation, two tiles between the horizontal overlap of a crest (including the ridge tile lap) size of 80mm, longitudinal lap a tile pitch, lap in the purlins contact The parts must be fixed with self-tapping bolts.
4. If the two sides of the roof, to be synchronized on both sides of the symmetrical installation, in order to facilitate the installation of the corrugated tile is consistent.
5. As the slanting tile is installed at the end of the installation of the torsion bar, the positive ridge tile is fitted with the corrugated tile tile to be flattened so that it is installed as a three-piece ridge tile.
6. Install the sweat is full of sweat when trying to avoid with the sweat is more than the main tile tiles overlap to reduce the installation gap, you can increase the success rate of our resin tile installation.
7. Fixed part for the special self-tapping bolt, the first pad of good bolt and then use the electric wrench moderate tightening, and then cover the water to take.