The benefits of cement tile

Update:20 Dec 2017

Molded cementproduction tile process: raw material conf […]

Molded cementproduction tile process: raw material configuration Cement 1: 2.5 in the sand: coal ash 0.5 (with or without) → bucket elevator → wheel mill mixer → quantitative supply mixer → molded tile molding machine → cement tile Maintenance Pallet → pallet shelf conservation → Manual Sprayer Automatic Spraying → finished product
Cement tile has the following characteristics:
1, Unique Waterproof Structure Only the bottom structure of tile valley, which can be made by filter press molding, can make rainwater flow more smoothly and quickly, avoiding the phenomenon of countercurrent of ordinary cement tile rain formed by roll forming. In addition, the molded-in tile has a higher part of the head than the water retaining effect, that is, even in the horizontal roof, there will be no rain countercurrent phenomenon.
2, Super strength of high-quality color tile using the upper and lower molding, beautiful appearance vivid, smooth and smooth tile surface, the size of strict accuracy, uniform density. The flexural strength of more than 200 kg is enough to allow the construction workers to walk freely on the already laid roof.
3, The convenience of construction Whether it is vertical or horizontal laying laying construction is convenient and feasible. In the general slope of the roof, you can not batten, but also easy to use the cutting machine at any angle to the wet tile cutting.
4, The superb wind resistance molded tile using up and down bite slope and slope, the roof to form a close whole.
5, Good thermal insulation performance by the National Solar Energy Research Center, the joint test showed that: in the hottest three months, the roof tiles molded roof tile laying daily average temperature of 71.4 Chinese style (21.89 ℃) , Greatly reduce the air conditioning load, thermal performance is better than other types of tile.
6, Anti-freeze-thaw resistance and permeability As the color tile with large tonnage press molding, density, low water absorption, its anti-permeability is much higher than other types of tile, in the long-term rain and snow use, will not appear Water seepage phenomenon. zWC-2 automatic molding machine is the introduction of new production technology abroad, with the development of a new generation of color tile production equipment. The machine is made of plastic concrete in a special steel mold by 128 tons of high pressure filter to remove moisture molding, mold release and then spray painted a special color paint made. The finished product has the characteristics of high density, high strength, accurate size, beautiful appearance, long lasting beautiful color, excellent windproof and rainproof performance, and is a good product in concrete tile products.