The key point for selection of tile

Update:27 Nov 2017

  1) The main technical indicators should be considered […]

  1) The main technical indicators should be considered when selecting concrete tile: bearing capacity, water absorption, frost resistance, impermeability.

2) Cold areas should use low water absorption products.

3) The drainage slope of the sintered tile roof should be ≥30% according to the form of roof truss, the type of roofing base, the waterproofing structure, material properties and local climatic conditions and other factors after technical and economic comparison.

4) According to the roof slope, building height and wind load size, etc., to tighten the tile to take the appropriate requirements.

5) When using the roof insulation materials with the function of hanging tile, the waterproof layer should be under the insulation layer.

6) Accessories tile If you use mortar lying tile, should be attached to other fixed measures.

7) Others See GB50207-2002 Standard for Acceptance of Quality of Roofing Engineering and National Architecture Standard Design Atlas of Construction of Slope-roofed Buildings J202-1 ~ 2.