The technical requirements of tile

Update:08 Nov 2017

1, The appearance of color tile size 420mm × 330mm. Eav […]

1, The appearance of color tile size 420mm × 330mm. Eaves picked out usually 50mm, every two ribs glued 3mm adjustment.

2, It is recommended that the material of the batten is: The specification of the section of fir or pine is: 25 × 35mm, subject to antiseptic treatment (wood preservative coating or diesel oil immersion). Fixed battens nail diameter: 3.1-4.0 × 51mm (GB349-88). Fixed round tile nail or nail diameter: 4.1-5.0 × 76mm (GB349-88).

3, The roof slope greater than 22.5 degrees when the upper and lower two-story tile minimum lap is: 75mm, less than 22.5 degrees when the minimum overlap is 100mm.

4, Tile size rules are flat, there is no warp. Tiles between the buckle design, with each other buckle to install. As the roof irregularities will lead to tile ribs, wind and rain can not match each other, so the leveling error of the entire roof can not exceed 25mm.

5, Fixed eaves battens eave stay 30mm sealed with cement mortar to prevent bird nesting and prolonged natural wind and rain on the batten corrosion. Maximum width of the ditches: 200mm eaves reserved 60mm for the installation of cornice tile location. Mortar installation parts ratio of 1: 2.

6,Tile can be cut and drilling, the main tile should be adjusted to the arch cutting, bending strength in the saturated state of horizontal rupture not less than 120KG. Wind load maximum wind speed: 49m / sec. Including open steel, wooden truss structure minimum load capacity of 60KG per square meter.

7, Open steel, wood roof truss generally thick roof (15-20) refueling felt. Roofing will not be as uneven roofing. If you do not use the full plank buffer air flow, tile protection, must be laid mat (such as 350 linoleum or high-density polyester film). Under the swing of not more than 40mm, linoleum laying should be paved with the eaves parallel from bottom to top, across the roof overlap each other at least 100mm, the eaves should be singled out 25mm.