There are many types of tiles on the market today

Update:16 Mar 2018

There are many types of tiles on the market today. Is i […]

There are many types of tiles on the market today. Is it a good brick or a small brick? Can not simply answer, the main thing is to try to spread bricks at home instead of paving tiles.It will also cause waste. So when buying tiles, don't blindly go to the market to buy. Before you buy a brick, you need to calculate it honestly, calculate the size of your home, and then divide by the size of the brick.Buying large-size bricks at the end can save you money and not waste. Some consumers' housing areas are no matter how they are The bricks they use are not linked to an integer shop, so they can be used to find the alignment. The brick used to lay the line is usually 8.Centimeters to 10 centimeters wide, but you can change the width of the edges according to your own home situation. In short, it is to build bricks as much as possible to reduce waste. Under normal circumstances, advocate in the kitchen

Block bricks, so that as much as possible to reduce the brick seam, easy to take care of, after all, the kitchen smoke is a lot. After selecting the size of the tiles, it's time to look at the quality of the tiles. the following.The three basic methods that consumers can use to check the quality of tiles are in the store and after they are bought Look: see if the appearance of the tile is smooth, if the surface and side of each tile are not even, no matter how good.Bricklayers also can not lay the overall smooth effect; look at the surface roughness of the tiles and the edge of the regularity, to see whether the surface of the tile there are spots, cracks, bumps, peeling, lack of glaze and other issues; but also look at the tile color patterns.

There are no problems with lack of color pattern, disconnection, misplacement, etc. Listening: Listening to the sound of the tiles, one brick is hand-held and the other hand taps on the tiles. If you emit a metal-like crisp sound, then explain this piece of brick.The quality is better and more compact. Spelling: Take the same four bricks to make a cross. If the bricks are all the same size, the cross stitches should be from left to right and from top to bottom.It's just as big. If there are seams where there are large seams and small seams are found in some places, it means that the size of the four bricks is not the same, and the edges of some bricks are not uniform. Then hand touch the four bricks is in a.The plane, especially if the joint of the four bricks is in one plane. This just checks the two sides of the brick, but also turns it around, checking the other two sides of the brick in the same way. If you have no problem, then explain

The specifications of the bricks are the same, and the same applies to the homes. The second way to fight is to take out two bricks and put them face to face. All four sides are aligned. Then pinch one side of it and look at the other.Is there a seam between the two tiles? If there is a seam, it means the brick is uneven. You can also put a brick on another brick. If the brick above does not rotate smoothly, it means the friction between the two bricks.Large, the brick is relatively flat; if the above brick is rotated smoothly, it means that the middle of the brick is higher than the four corners, and the brick is uneven. Tile color to meet the decoration style Size and quality is to select the tiles

When it comes to important issues, the colors and patterns are generally chosen according to personal preferences. But this is also to follow a certain rule, the choice of tile color and pattern should obey the overall style of home In general, it is best not to use more than three colors in the areas that can be seen in the eyes of the family. Black and white are not included. The main color of the home is the color of the furniture, the color of the floor and the color of the wall are auxiliary.Help color or environmental color, should match the color of furniture, should not conflict. There are many antique tiles on the ceramic tile market today. Many consumers feel very beautiful and can use it at home to improve.Overall decoration grade. As long as it is personally liked, this is not a bad idea. However, one thing to be reminded is that this kind of antique tiles belong to artistic bricks. At present, the country’s hardness and compactness of such tiles have not been respected.There are uniform rules. After buying this type of tile, it is relatively troublesome if quality problems arise.