Tile adhesive has the following characteristics

Update:20 Apr 2018

1. The product has a certain degree of toughness: its f […]

1. The product has a certain degree of toughness: its flexibility is good and its bonding strength is large. Therefore, the adhesive

layer is thin and the amount is small, which can reduce the load on the building and meet the needs of the modern building which has

widely used lightweight wall materials;

2. Convenience: no need for brick wet wall, can be used for renovation of old finishes, construction is simple, time and labor saving,

speed can be more than doubled;

3.Excellent anti-aging, weather resistance, water retention: It can avoid the appearance of anti-slurry hanging tears on the finish, it

is not easy to produce shrinkage, empty drum phenomenon, the tile can be adjusted after the paste time (about half an hour) , At the

same time have excellent antifreeze, high temperature characteristics, to avoid cracking due to the substrate caused by the phenomenon

of shrinkage; excellent water resistance: can greatly enhance the impervious function, cement tile adhesive with waterproof function;

4.Comprehensive construction cost: the use of flexible, rapid construction, labor hours, labor costs decreased significantly; materials

used less, the transport costs will be reduced; at the same time bond firmly, reducing the number of maintenance updates, effectively

reducing maintenance costs;

5. Product safety, environmental protection, and non-toxic: It reduces the generation of construction waste and construction noise, and

brings a safe and clean working environment to workers, conforming to the development trend of building materials;

6. Uniqueness: Innovative paving new technology brings more perfect building products, a new tile-laying process --- using thin

stickers. The new process is to use a tooth spatula, apply the mixed tile adhesive on the work surface, apply 1 square meter each time,

and then apply the tile on the substrate coated with glue at one time. The adhesive layer is thin and uniform, easy to grasp the


7. High bond strength, excellent resistance to falling: adhesive strength is 2-3 times higher than cement paste, bond strength can reach

0.5 ~ 3.0mpa, wide adaptability to the substrate;

However, compared with the traditional method, the cement mortar is applied to the brick back, and the empty drum is easily generated

due to non-uniformity. Mortar gaps are also easily generated between the edges of the tiles and the brick seams, and eventually lead to

water seepage. The thin paste method combs the tile glue into a stripe shape, and the air is easily discharged, making it difficult to

produce empty drums. And because the glue is applied to the substrate, the seam between the bricks is also full, ensuring the quality of

the paste and improving the overall impermeability of the wall.

In addition, tile adhesive can also be used for particle board, cement fiber board and so on. It should be noted that the tile adhesives

selected for different base layers, different tile types and different construction environments are different, and they need to be