Tile material

Update:29 Nov 2017

A cement tile, cement tile, cement mortar with a certai […]

A cement tile, cement tile, cement mortar with a certain percentage of pressing or rolling production, its product ingredients are cement, sand and pigment after manufacturing, its main feature is the overlap solid and the dry hanging construction method (roof tiles and roof structure layer of a space the heat insulation layer, the effect is relatively good). Because the cement tile used on the lap, about joint construction of the way, your waterproof performance relative Siva is relatively strong, can be used as the first waterproof function, strengthen the roof leak; moreover, cement tile rich colors, a tile can have two or three colors, installed on the roof after relatively beautiful, and cement a corrugated tile tile and flat tile two, there are more choices. Two, glass fiber tile, glass fiber tile, also known as felt tile or asphalt tile, so called "meaning", glass fiber tile is made of modified asphalt, glass fiber, colored ceramsite, self adhesive tape. The tile characteristics of light, per square meter is about 10kg, and its material for modified asphalt, as long as the installation method, the waterproof performance can achieve better effect, especially suitable for flat slope project or timber structure house; because the glass tile construction is simple, can not ignore the basic construction loss, so it enhances the market competitiveness, can save construction cost for developers.