Use sintering insulation block advantages

Update:12 Dec 2017

1, fire-sintering block fire safety         Sintering i […]

1, fire-sintering block fire safety
Sintering insulation block as a sintered material, which itself is fire-resistant and flame-retardant, sintered porous self-thermal insulation of fire-fighting blocks need not say. Filling composite sintering thermal insulation block, due to its filling material is located in the hole longitudinally disconnected from each other, longitudinally code after the brick wall, the inner and outer surface of the filler is not exposed, regardless of the filler of the fire resistance, there is no ignition conditions, Its fire safety is beyond doubt.
2, sintering insulation block insulation
Sintering insulation block can be based on different requirements of different regions of the insulation coefficient, design the corresponding hole, hole rate and hole arrangement to meet the requirements of different building insulation. We see in Europe, commonly used single-material sintering self-thermal block, the thermal conductivity up to 0.15w / m2k, commonly used sintered sintering block, the thermal conductivity of up to 0.08 w / m2k. Whether it is used as a load-bearing multi-storey building wall, or as a high-rise building infill walls, can meet the energy-saving needs of buildings in northern China, but also can derive blocks needed in different regions.
3, sintering insulation block stability
The material stability of the sintering thermal block and the sealing property after the masonry construction, the balance of heat storage and heat release of the sintered material ensure the stability of the thermal insulation performance. And this stability has long been maintained by the long-lasting, reliable quality of the sintered products.
4, sintering insulation block of the comfort and environmental protection
Sintering thermal insulation block has the thermal insulation properties, noise reduction, breathing and humidity control function enables residents to enjoy the temperature balance, humidity balance, noise reduction, pollution-free odorless comfortable feeling, which is Any other wall material is unparalleled.
Sintering thermal insulation block in the production and construction does not cause environmental pollution, waste can still be used as he used or can be repeatedly crushed brick, even if buried in the ground or granular for green, will not damage the ecological environment, and other Compared to the wall material, its environmental protection is obvious.
5, sintering insulation block convenience
The use of sintering insulation block, in the preservation, transportation, masonry are cheap, living in the renovation, adjustment, modification, hanging all aspects are very convenient, compared with other forms of insulation, with significant advantages.
6, the use of sintered insulation block economy
The use of thermal insulation block construction insulation, insulation structure can guarantee the same life and buildings, and reduce the use of residential and repair and repair process, the entire construction life cycle, the average annual cost is relatively low, is the economy of.