What are the advantages of metal tiles?

Update:03 Jan 2018

Metal tile is based on galvanized steel substrate, stro […]

Metal tile is based on galvanized steel substrate, strong weatherability acrylic resin as raw material, high temperature sintered ceramic sand for the surface layer of new advanced roofing materials. Its own environmental protection, lightweight, lightweight, beautiful features, but also in the installation process zero loss, and can be recycled. Metal tile surface area, light weight, bending, cutting, solid connection with each other firmly, the use of dry construction, simple and convenient, save material. Its proprietary mountings allow for easy installation with simple tools, saving installation time, overall cleanliness, generous and practical.
Color stone metal roof in the roof with what kind of characteristics?
Beautiful, light: with natural color stone texture and a strong sense of three-dimensional, Chinese, European variety of tile options, rich colors;
Wide range of applications, easy installation: Color stone tiles can be used in wood, steel, concrete roof, whether new roof construction or renovation of the old roof, can be applied;
Maintenance-free: can resist a variety of adverse weather, cold and heat-resistant resistance;
Fireproof and Waterproof: The main material of color stone metal tile is Class A non-combustible fireproof material. The main body of steel base has no risk of cracking water seepage. With unique waterproof trench design, it can effectively prevent rainwater intrusion and seepage problems.
Compressive, corrosion-resistant: Color stone metal tile substrate with high-strength galvanized steel, can carry a huge pressure to resist snow, hurricanes, etc .;
Environmental protection: Color stone metal tile material itself does not contain any harmful substances, the installation process does not produce pollution for the roof can play a saving energy, noise reduction, building demolition materials can be recycled, is a typical green Environmentally friendly products.