Why can't tiles that are too cheap to buy?

Update:11 May 2018

1. Too cheap tiles, mostly have quality problems The gl […]

1. Too cheap tiles, mostly have quality problems

The glazed surface has bubbles and pinholes, which affect the appearance; the polishing bricks with too high water absorption rate are very wicked and can easily become black when used for a long time; the ceramic tiles that are too light are relatively easy to break with a thin pressure and can be easily laid on the ground. broken!

2. The main types of too cheap tiles

1 First-class products and qualified products that are normally sold; various defects exist;

2 has eliminated the product inventory, the product itself is not easy to sell, the color is seriously out of date;

3 Debt bricks and flush bricks, quality is not guaranteed;

4 closed brick (factory closed down, inventory clearance), there is no after-sale protection;

3 Ceramic tiles that are too cheap are not guaranteed, do not provide door-to-door volume, and after-sales quality assurance can lead to several problems:

1 You buy bricks and go back and find that there are a lot of bricks.

2 buy less tiles, found no original brick;

3 The tiles are broken and rotten. The store is not receiving you a lot of money. It does not care much about you, let alone compensation.

4 Many times when you sold off cheap bricks, you found that waiting for a long time did not send the bricks to the home, only to find the money paid, the shop is gone!