Wind resistance ability of cement tile roof

Update:19 Dec 2017

The tile itself with the weight and the wind on the ind […]

The tile itself with the weight and the wind on the individual with the wind buckle, enough to withstand the wind speed of 80 kilometers per hour. In areas with high wind speeds, special fixed tiles are used to withstand winds of 140 kilometers per hour.
In the case of wind speed, how is the tile fixed?
Unfortunately, that is not a question that has a fixed answer. It depends on many factors. The average height of the roof, the prediction of the maximum wind speed, the construction of which country, what roofs (roof topography and perimeter) and the requirements of local officials. If you have the exact question, you can email me, I will give you an accurate answer.
Roof tile how to resist the cold weather?
The cement tiles supplied have good densities and durability so they can be used in cold areas. Nor will it affect the internal structure of the tile due to freezing and icing. A special type of snow blanket can accumulate snow on the roof to prevent the snow from turning into ice from the roof to the ground. A naturally-occurring air pocket underneath each roofing tile will properly adjust and ventilate the ice dam as the tiles expand and contract due to temperature changes.