Wood floor material

Update:18 Oct 2017

    On the wood floor of the material, from the industr […]

    On the wood floor of the material, from the industry standard classification, can be divided into solid wood flooring, parquet and composite laminate flooring. And from the choice of materials, but also can be divided into bamboo flooring, cork flooring, oak flooring, lime wood floor wax wood flooring and so many numerous, here no longer repeat them. Then we will from the industry standard to introduce these floors one by one.
Wooden floor
Solid wood flooring is the most common wood flooring in life, but also the origin of the wooden floor, also known as the log floor, which is made of solid wood processing, compared with the particleboard and fiberboard and other materials more complete, more integrated. Different solid wood flooring selection of materials are also different, more common are oak, birch, walnut, trees, etc., and more valuable cherry, teak, plus maple, Acacia wood, redwood and other materials, with the different wood , The price varies widely. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive than other wood flooring, and the monomer changes with the temperature, will cause the seam, drum package situation. But also because of the characteristics of solid wood. Do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to insects.
Solid wood flooring parquet flooring is based on the improvement of solid wood flooring, can be seen as the optimization of solid wood flooring. It has a multi-layer structure, the surface layer, the core layer and the bottom and a variety of different materials, of which only part of the solid wood, generally sliced veneer as a panel, so that the surface lines and solid wood flooring to be consistent, As is. While the core part of the wood plywood-based, durable, compared with solid wood flooring to more patience and stability.
Reinforced wood flooring
Reinforced wood flooring is the strongest of all wood flooring and can be seen as an enhanced version of the parquet, and its strength is higher, whether it is abrasion resistance, impact resistance on a step. Its surface lines are made of artificial, and the color is optional, with a high degree of private customization. It is generally a four-layer material, each layer of material role of different closely divided, which wear layer to ensure that the daily use is not scratched, decorative layer in line with the beautiful, grass is the most important role, compared to solid wood flooring, its degree of deformation smaller , Higher strength, but also has a flame retardant effect, and the smallest surface is the moisture layer, with a buffer structure.
Choose the right wooden floor
Different structures, different materials, the price difference between the floor, consumers must be based on their own economic strength to choose the right, the most expensive price may not be the best, the best is not necessarily the most durable, the cheapest Is not necessarily the worst, must be based on their needs, is to value grade, or value the appearance, or value the quality, so as to buy the most suitable for their own wooden floor.