Thickness: 0.4mm
Tile size: 1350mm*420mm
Installed exposure: 1300mm*370mm
Tiles per sqm: 2pcs
Weight: 6kgs/sqm


1. Energy saving and environmental protection : the use of lightweight materials, lighten the weight of the slates. Therefore, compared with traditional slates, metal color stone slate needs fewer wood mounted. Metal stone slate is made by harmless materials, the rainwater collected can drink by people and animals.

2. Energy saving: compared to traditional slate installation, metal color stone slate installation saves 40% of wood.

3. No maintenance: Dingzhen color slate with 50 years of quality assurance.

4. Safe and durable: the tile using screw fixation layering above, there is a certain anti-theft, wind, fire, anti-earthquake.

5. Solid structure: such as the use of the correct installation method, does not make the tiles appear bent or broken phenomenon.

6. Noise insulation: in certain thickness galvalume steel plate covering natural gravel obvious role of thermal insulation and noise reduction.

7. UV protection and anti-corrosion: water-soluble acrylic has a good role in the anti-ultraviolet. The galvalume Material having a better anti-corrosive effect.

8. Leakproof: tiles installed when the connecting angle of 90 degrees, thus ensuring no leakage of rainwater.

9. Installation is simple: the installation of the roof of a house only need two or three workers can complete the installation in less than a week.

10. Anti-algae and bacteria: having anti-adhesive of growth of algae and bacteria.

11. Diverse colors: our company provides customized various-colored stone tile in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

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